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What is WINDA and how to register in WINDA ?

WINDA is the Global Wind Organisations’ database for training records. It is a global database where all records of GWO certified training that have been performed by a GWO certified Training Provider will be uploaded. Tutorial on how to register in WINDA as a Delegate:

What are my payment options?

For your payment, we accept bank transfer wire payments or credit cards (VISA or MasterCard).

When must I renew my GWO certificate?

The GWO BST/BSTR certificate must be renewed before the end of the validity period. If a certificate is expired, the Delegate must complete the full Basic Safety Training.A certificate can be renewed up to two months prior to expiry and maintain the original certification date. If a certificate is renewed more than two months before expiry it must carry the new date of certification.


If you need accommodation or need more information please contact us: + 371 29140055, or

What are your terms & conditions ?

By placing an order with SIA “BOTC Training”, you ar accepting these Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms & Conditions before placing an order.

Coorse bookings may be made via our online booking system, by email or telephone. All confirmed bookings will be acknowledged via email and include joining instructions will be issued 5 days prior to the course commencement date, which the client’s contact must pass to each of their delegates.

No fee will be charged for cancellation received in writing by SIA BOTC Training at least 3 days prior to the course commencement.

Course Rating

For Course evaluation we use the following criteria:

  • Course content ( Quality of course materials, up to date information)
  • Instructor ( Expertise with a topic; Clear and structured delivery; Teaching skills)
  • Organization (Service; Facilities; Time schedule; Equipment )

Every course delegate has an opportunity to fill Course Feedback, upon completion of the training. Completing feedback form the delegate has an opportunity to express his/her satisfaction with provided services.